Sojourn to Murthal

Sometimes great things happen out of impromptu planning,and that’s the essence of a worthy life. We welcome each second as it comes and be a neutral observer. One such plan could harvest tons of sweet memories in Life. Here I walk you through a sojourn we undertook to Murthal, Delhi place for a paratha Fix.

It was a blunt Wednesday noon when we were all swattered in library doing our assignments, something which we usually finish only at college.Being a foodie,it is always great to explore new places and taste local food,and with friends accompanying you,they are like spices which actually make the whole affair a regal one,with them you get the courage to do things you would otherwise not do.

Out of the discussion which started from Amritsar we compromised a little over distance and finalized on Murthal ,a name synonymous with yummy paranthas.Thanks to Aman Bansal who freed us from the thought of how we would reach Murthal,he drove us to Murthal in his Swift within straight 25 minutes like a matured driver and not a beast,however in the middle of the journey once it became so hot that i wanted to request him to turn on the AC but felt it’s better to settle for an open window.

The five of us Shikhar,Nivesh,Sahil,Aman & me

We had all assembled near Jahangirpuri around 12:20 and were all set to go,few minutes into the car,Shikhar’s snooring caught our attention and that’s it!!, when in group friends just need a spark to pull someone’s leg.I guess he did not sleep later that day.En route we played a few songs and in no time reached Murthal around 1:00 pm.

Our brain works in images so I had been told that we’re heading to a famous “dhaba” which we all know is made out of rusty beds,tin over heads and few trucks in the parking bay but a glimpse of our destination from some distance ,I saw the “dhaba” which was actually a 2 storey building with ample parking space and a fountain in the front.

The Sukhdev Dhaba


Few steps and we spotted a few students from our college,Aman went to greet them while we quickly made our way to catch a table.Once Inside it was all good and we found a table pretty soon.There are two huge halls,one with AC and the other one Non Ac, as it was winter we decided to be little intelligent and settled in the outer non ac hall.

Dine time

There were people from all age groups munching one common thing: a Paratha with few add ons like chai which was the second common thing followed by lassi.A quick go-through the menu and we ordered a paratha each for the five of us with daal and Paneer(Cottage Cheese).

Paratha with white butter,paneer & daal

Even inside the “dhaba” there were several franchise opened up like that of a mouth freshener stall,sweet eateries etc.15 minutes up and the waiter arrived with a giant smile on his face.I took a few random clicks for my restaurant review.

The plate had a paratha(mix in my case) with a huge dollop of clarified white butter,I spent a few minutes just watching the butter slowly melt all over it,accompanied with some daal and paneer ,we quickly finished with the first one and dared to go for another round of it, so we all ordered one for each of us along with 2 daal’s.I did a mistake of having breakfast so couldn’t really lick the plate, Now the bill time!! and every waiter’s delight!!! I was expecting somewhere around 650-700 but surprisingly the billed rolled out to be around 1100 rupees, So next time you’re taking a pit stop at Sukhdev Dhaba,do remember to

Taste the first paratha really slowly,

Bring your own daal or paneer and if you really want to spend the change,

Buy a bottle of distilled water.

However though i still don’t know why Aman gave that tip to the waiter,It’s his job to showcase a smile and a warm attitude.

Anyhow after undergoing a gastronomical journey,we went outside and were now ready for the shutterbugs and got a few pictures clicked with the tab and my camera.After a short stroll we headed back and thought of doing something crazy i.e. we called few of our friends being really alienated and I can’t disclose what we really did on the call but I really feel sorry for all them,in-fact two guys we called are really boiled up over me now,but then few things are better enjoyed in company of your friends.Soon after some Mumbai like traffic we headed towards NSP(netaji subhash chandra palace).


NSP is a popular hangout for the north-west Delhiites, it’s like an urban suburb with huge office buildings and food courts,showrooms heaped in the ground floors,we sat there for a while,chatted over some funny things and later clicked a few pictures,

The Selfie time

It was a short fun time and in the end we complimented the visit with a chocolate paan,yet another example of how SME’s or even shops know how to evolve with the new generation.All together it was a great day spent with friends. We’re soon planning to repeat the same with Samir, don’t worry Samir, I am just talking about a tour!!


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