A visit to Andra Bhavan Canteen, Delhi

Friday was reserved for the on-going sessional of physics at our college but because i don’t carry a cell-phone I was unaware of the change and so it was only after I reached my bus-stop that I got to know that we had a ‘holy’-day today, a reason to cherish was that now we had enough time to prepare for physics and other reason was that now we could make it to the much hyped ABC(Andra Bhavan Canteen) to undergo  a surreal gastronomic ride.

I roped in my Andra friend Nagesh who was going to brief us about the food, I believe being a foodie if you have your meal with a localite then the meal becomes a lot more special as you are at ease because a known buddy guides you and you may get to know some interesting facts about the local culture and heritage. So I was happy at his presence, then we had Shikhar who is a wonderful mate and I feel happy that I share my class at college with him. I think whenever we are destined to be studying, working or just messing around at a place, we should always respect the presence of everyone who we meet throughout this short journey of life, appreciate their part in our lives as at some point their experience will energize you and I am very humbled by the number of  things I have learned on my way while studying with amazing people throughout my schools and now the college. Third pal was Chandan, I very much wanted him to be there because I literally wanted to see him eat his food and I must say he eats pretty well letting me wonder as to why is he still thin  😉

Now the food. Well soon after we took Rs.100 coupon each for a unlimited Veg Thali, we were lucky as not made to wait and were given the front 4 seats to dine by the this amazing manager who shepherds the guests very swiftly while politely shouting at the waiters to fill the plates. Within a blink of eye we had our plates ready with the finest south Indian preparation in the capital. Of the many surprises it was the baby puri’s which were really small yet tasty.

The complete thali had-Puri, Papad, Lil fried masala rice(just lil), Curd, A Sweet dish, Drumstick sabji, Daal, Rice, Sambhar, Rassam and two more sabji’s I simply couldn’t recognize but will admit they were tasty.


I finished my meal within 15 minutes and ate till my heart. Being a foodie puts me in a situation where I have to enjoy the food no matter how bad or good, you have to be neutral. On my overall experience I will give AB Canteen(4.5/5) because of the price, the” unlimited” tag and the taste.

later after becoming heavy bags we were ready to roll down anywhere so we choose the nearby historical spot India gate, I must say in that atmosphere of the view of India gate, cool breeze, full stomach and shade of an old big tree was a luxury to sleep. It was a nice view and the only disturbance caused was by the people who at lil intervals came and asked if we wanted to enjoy their bhajia, pani-puri or chana’s. Those people are very sweet as some of them even promise you a money back guarantee if you don’t like their preparation, something hard to find in today’s world where inflated prices are pinching us. After a lil mini sleep or better say a nap as few girls obviously gorgeous ones kept coming in between ;), at some distance we had a circus of a group which was playing Holi(Indian festival of colors) like cats and dogs. It was horrible!, but no matter what, I am sure those guyz had a memorable day and also found a place in my blog.

We later dipped our feet into the water not clean yet cold and enjoyable enough besides India-gate. At the end after a close look at our pride The India Gate which I believe is a legendary structure playing host to thousands of memorable stories like ours, I left and bid adieu to my friends.

I will ask anyone with an inclination towards south Indian food to go and try this amazing place.


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