Women in My life

Women in my life!

Well above everything else it would be very early for me to say the women who rule my life when it’s been just 20 years of my life with little over 6-8 years of a mature mind. However of the many things I can remember since birth are the memories related with these ladies, so let’s take a trip down the memory lane and begin discussing the precious gems of my life one by one starting with none other than my Mother.

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My Mom-My mother is a Maharashtrian lady born and brought up in the state before going all Indian moving and living in different parts of the country, thanks to my father’s job in the Defence that now she can speak and understand over 5 languages. I love her, Though I struggle hard to recall my earliest memories with mom but the only last thing I remember is being fed with her hands and me watching the world with an eye of innocence thinking this lady is the most dearest to me and the most powerful one in the limited world drawn by my mind . I adore my mother and she is my weakness, something I have never confessed to her. From the little things such as learning to walk, learning to ride a bicycle, you name it and all the basic programming of this supercomputer us the humans is done by this only woman while we are just a child. She is gentle, kind and I believe all the emotions in existence came from this very relation. Since my inception I remember her different roles, real life roles like that of a super mom who would cook three tiffin’s within a limited time and worried how it would taste later, worrying about everyone’s health and lots more. Instead of saying her as my backbone or heart I would say she is everything of me or rather I am everything of her. Her legend lies in the fact that not just me but she has selfless warmth towards everything in her life and is happy in her daily TV serials over which she will sometimes cry because she has a sensitive heart and will melt easily even over someone’s virtual pain.

I am so obsessed with this creation of relation that even in my daily life I get immense pleasure in watching a small kid going by and his mother securing his boundaries with sweet caring words or site of a mother son playing just feels good to eyes and rejuvenates my senses.

Today when I am 20 and a grown up kid, the world has changed a zillion notions but my mom is and will always be the same. I love you mom.

My Grandma-It really is true “old is Gold”

I feel extremely lucky that my mom, her mom and further more even her mom, all are alive and kicking, though for the latter two the journey now is more of a spiritual one, still they project themselves as gold prodigies.

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I will never forget the early precious days spent with my Dadi. She has been an epitome of kindness and warmth. Going strong still at the age of 62 I remember how she would teach me small things like the importance of healthy food, respect to elders, and belief in god. In fact she is the one to have planted my spiritual side. I would visit her every summer eagerly waiting round the year to surprise her. She is a charming gold lady with much of her life now confined to bringing up her grandchildren .If mom made yum food, imagine how would her mother’s food be and we simply loved eating sitting on the floor and recording the good life. It’s really great to visit your grandparent’s town and live there peacefully far away from the chaos of the city in the warmth of a protected environment. I feel it’s completely divine the way god has shaped this world on how one generation passes to another. I still remember how I would be always excited to know facts about my mother from granny and she would as well tell me things I would surprise my mom with, all funny things like her exam results. My granny often acts like a fire brigade to my mom as she would come to her rescue during practice of certain rituals, cooking of some dish or reminding dates of special occasion. The hardest thing for me always would be to leave Granny’s town for which my parents would specially plant a story in head so to lessen my tears. Though my granny will never read this, but Grandma I love you.

My Sister(s) – My first friend on planet and alter ego.

Publishing a post on “My Sister” was the very first priority for me while I started to write blogs, I swear didi (tai) but somehow I wanted to include all the important ladies and thus I ended over publishing this opus.,

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Well we are never afraid to speak anything good or bad about our siblings as we are always unbiased towards them and no matter what, you know at the end of the day they will pamper you .We always enjoy our fights and the sharing of funny secrets, you steal and read their diaries, you annoy them and later they invariably end up loving you. I am no exception so I like annoying my sister and more so in a situation when I know- no one will help her except me. You always want more of what you love and so I wish I had as many sisters as possible to bestow love upon and as many brothers as possible to play with but lately I am finding it happening only in our Nation’s pledge. 🙂 .Well beginning with the simple things I would least say that the millions things which rather should always be known to me are known to this charming person in my life. I trust my sister and know that she is the safest bank of my secrets and the only interest she will charge is blackmailing me with her sweet wishes. No one ever likes his loved ones living at a faraway place, but thanks to Alexander for the cell phone which is again a blessing as it not only connects me to the above ladies but will do so connecting to a few more in the nearby future. As of now I don’t earn thus have limited balance on phone to keep calling whenever I feel alone which is why I record calls of my conversation to play them when I’m lonely, so the only call recordings you will ever find on my phone are the voice clips of my sister, I have a century of them and even today moments when I am sad, all I do is listen to those clips and relax. I Love you didi and wish the best for you in life provided you don’t pretend hiding you affairs from me which I know you still do. (rofl J)and let me tell you sisters are not always your angel to believe in everything you say to them as they can be rude at times, but the good thing is that it’s all born out of the selfless love and care and even if they scold us, it’s all for our good. Memories are countless with her and I know they are still counting. I respect my didi for the fact that when I needed her the most which was in the recent past due to my poor performance in academics, she was there for me supporting and blindly trusting, requesting me to keep my peace of mind and be stable. Maybe God moulds them in way that they unknowingly act as an Antivirus programme never allowing any malware to get inside and always boosting our performance. Though I will still admit in public that my dee doesn’t care much about her health and I very much want her to stay fit and do some yoga, meditation or maybe even join a fitness club but the annoying part is that she won’t listen to me. While writing this I quickly wish to come there and hug you dear sis. It’s hard to give back whatever you have done to me but still I promise to be always standing with you. Love you darling sister.

My Aunt-Well now what do I say about her. She has the respect of my mother and I will always be grateful to her as she was the one who looked after me when i was in my 12th grade, taking care of minute things like my food, clothes and health. All she wanted was for me to focus on my studies. The news that she’s blessed with a new baby girl excites me a lot as she is my youngest another sister. I will and always be grateful to her. Ant I love you and miss you too.

MY Girl- No not here, even my family members read this blog!


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